Wahl Deluxe Heat Massager

Wahl Deluxe Heat Massager


Do not use if pregnant, on children under 10 years of age or if you have a pacemaker or metal implants in your body.


Warning: UK plug that works with UK/EU voltage of 220 - 240.


Heat penetrates the soft tissue and muscles to soothe and relax better than vibration massage alone. Going from low for gentle soothing relief right through to high for a more intense massage.


Product Features:

1.  Variable speeds gentle to Intense deep tissue massage.

2.  Five different massager attachments The patented Four Finger Flex attachment is specially designed to replicate the human touch offering a 'hands on' feel massage.

3. Heat attachment provides penetrating heat for a soothing, comforting experience and to relax tired muscles.

4. Triad three point head attachment is perfect for covering larger areas of the body.

5.  Deep muscle attachment provides a deep tissue, percussion style massage designed to reach tired muscles.

6.  Accupoint attachment lets you apply deep, pinpoint massage action to a targeted area.

7.  Soft storage pouch included.