Say Good-Bye to Asthma

Say Good-Bye to Asthma


Language: English


NAET: Say Good-Bye to Asthma
By - Devi S. Nambudripad, M.D., D.C., L.Ac., Ph.D.
Paperback-1st Edition, 2003
350 pages, 8.5’ X 5.5’ X .5’
ISBN: 0-9743915-1-4

Say Good-Bye to Asthma will help you understand your illness and will assist you in finding the right help to achieve better health.

This book will show you how your life-threatening health problem can be triggered from contact with a simple allergen in your immediate surroundings. Allergies, a traditionally under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed condition, can manifest into myriad lung symptoms that might seem unrelated.

It’s not enough to treat symptoms with medication or a piecemeal therapy. Medications are good to control the immediate symptoms. When the acute attack is over, one should find the cause and eliminate it so that one doesn’t have to the entire life fighting the repeated acute episodes. 

Anyone who is suffering from asthma should read this book. This natural, non invasive treatment is ideal to treat infants, children, grown-ups, old and debilitated people who suffer from asthma with varied intensities. NAET encourages the use of all medications, supplements or other therapies while going through the NAET program.